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Ownership Experience

Ever had a Panthera Relationship ?

Here at Panthera we believe that when you purchase a bicycle or scooter, you recieve more than just an electric vehicle.
From our thorough Aftercare Service, warranties and accessories, you'll be embarking on an enjoyable and loyal relationship with us.


Panthera aftercare was created to provide backup and re-assurance and ensuring the lasting quality of your bicycle, electric bicycle or scooter


Panthera's service starts even before you collect your new bicycle / scooter. Every new order goes through a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), covering and extensive range of items before, during and after road testing.



Your order has the backing of a 12 Month parts warranty. Batteries are covered for 3 months. You receive lifetime technical support over the telephone if you need help in any way.



Genuine Infineon Parts and Genuine Infineon Accessories have been designed exclusively for your bicycle / scooter, so, not only are they a perfect fit, but you can rest assured with the knowledge that they'll perform as well as your bicycle does.




At Infineon / Panthera we understand the importance of maintaining contact with our customers. It is, after all, the customer who uses our products and services, so who better to ask and seek the opinions of. So, feel free to call us or drop us an email to tell us what you think!

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